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RED ALERT! Store Closures, Universal Basic Income and Robocops | Automation in 2019

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In this video I discuss the coming universal basic income, 5G technology, automation, robot security and policing, wealth inequality and other predictions for the next 10 years. Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a wild ride!

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7 thoughts on “RED ALERT! Store Closures, Universal Basic Income and Robocops | Automation in 2019

  1. What makes you think they will pay any universal basic income? You mentioned 5G and a few other of the anti human weapons at the self titled elites fingertips they know that most of us are completely asleep and the rest will never surrender I don’t see them just crossing their fingers and hoping we will what just let everything they’ve done and are doing to us go. Only God knows for sure! we our in his hands if you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior it’s time these people are demons we need to stick together stand shoulder to shoulder don’t close your blinds when they pull a decenter from his home there are millions of us we have to be there for each other and to be clear I’m not talking violence here at all. God bless all of you and your families.

  2. The UK has been rolling out “Universal Credit”: a means-tested benefit for people of working-age who are on a low income.

    It replaces six existing means-tested benefits separately paid. Claimants no longer receive 2 or 3 benefits but a lump sum that must not be over a certain amount, termed “benefit cap”. The benefit cap is a limit on the total amount of benefit you can get. It applies to most people aged 16 or over who have not reached State Pension age.

    I believe that your Universal Basic Income you are describing resembles Universal Credit which will be adopted on every continent to keep the poor on the breadline.  In effect, it is a redistribution of wealth for a communist agenda.  Nobody imagine the amount of suffering people will go through in the last days before the greatest deception of all times the world will ever see and never experience again.  

    Do not think for one second that the elite will enjoy their positions and ill-gotten fortunes indefinitely because they are going to experience total loss in the blink of an eye.

    Right now, God is calling the whole world to repent, from the pope to the homeless person, including the elite globalist as well as those who live on the fringe of society — before He shuts “the door of mercy” and it becomes too late. For this life is solely and only about who we give our allegiance to: God, our creator or satan/the devil/the fallen archangel, the enemy of God and humanity. Satan is preparing the whole world to worship him. All those who do not believe in God and do not have the faith of Jesus will follow him and hence set themselves for eternal destruction.

  3. Honestly, majority of young Canadian’s working in service type jobs in retail etc…really deserve their jobs to be automated. Their communication skills and attitude is complete crap.

  4. As a full time stock and options investor, I sat down about a year and a half ago and thought about my economic predictions for the future based on the direction things were headed back then. I came to the conclusion that we are going to enter into a period very soon in which the world economy (including here in the US) will collapse. The stock market will lose about 50% to 75% and prices of housing will collapse by about 50% to 75% too. It will be a deep depression (like 1929) rather than just an economic recession due to the fact the Fed has less ammunition this time to combat it since interest rates are already so low.
    I also came to the conclusion that most companies will fail. Only the biggest and strongest corporations will survive. These companies will try to replace as many workers as they can with robots in order to stay afloat. This will lead to massive job loss. I expect that around 50% of the US will lose their jobs to a robot. This of course will lead to a Universal Basic income because if the government didn’t pass it, people would protest, so they would be forced to pass it in order to shut the public up.
    The rest of the prediction leads to much darker things that can be found in the Holy Bible.

  5. I see humans becoming more like those in the movie idiocracy. Except, it won’t take 500 years… more like 50, but it might even be sooner than that.
    With all this technology, human intelligence is becoming unnecessary for survival. And as usual, when a feature an animal possesses is unnecessary for survival, that animal loses it eventually. Just like the fish that inhabited in dark caves lost their eyes, and just like we lost our body hair and great apes lost their tails…

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