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Prepared to Bunker In

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7 thoughts on “Prepared to Bunker In

  1. Our family Bunker-In plan follows this guideline:
    #1: 3 mo. food supply (Beans, rice, etc…) and enough Dog food!
    #2: Water storage (LOTS and filtering devices)
    – Setup catch for rain barrels!!!
    – Locate alternates(nearby lakes, small rivers, creeks…)
    #3: Practice Med skills & First-Aid / Have a supply of prescription meds as needed
    #4: Doing Gardening!
    #5: Physical conditioning – Improve health
    #6: Develop a safe travel plan in case B/O is necessary: Include BOB and EDC for car
    #7: Arms & ammo
    #8: Home security
    #9: Hand tools: Inventory and have a full basic compliment of hand tools!
    #10: Know your neighbors and learn who to trust and who will rat! (Allies & potential threats!)

  2. And remove/hide things that could be used as “battering ram” to open a door or a window like the bricks at 3m40s and 4m00s

  3. That was again a great video always very good prepared and telling us about facts and personal experience.I am from South Africa and find this type of video clip very helpfull thanks alot.

  4. For me, a very good resource is the book “Sheep No More” by Jonathon Gilliam.
    Teaches you the tools to analyze you home, workplace and community for threat vulnerability and mitigation…
    Easy read and great process….

  5. I can only think of two reasons that I would bug out of my house. 1. Without rule of law. If it got too dangerous for me and my loved ones to stay put, we’ll leave. 2. If the government was rounding up people and taking them to camps. I do not want to be a prisoner of the government any more than I already am. I don’t think I’ll see either of these situations during what remains of my life time, but I also know it could happen tomorrow. Thank you for the video and best of luck to you. Hopefully I am prepared to last at least sometime if I did bug out.

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