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Lessons on Prepping from the Renaissance Festival

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The Carolina Renaissance Festival Website:

BlackSmith WarFire Forge

Greentree Weaving

Ye Village Pottery:

Coin Press:

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7 thoughts on “Lessons on Prepping from the Renaissance Festival

  1. I’ve seen a dozen blacksmiths, but not one tinsmith !  Think about uses for different materials and skills.

  2. That blacksmith looks like he spends too much time with his Scottish friends down at Ye Ole McDonalds. LOL Probably my favorite of the old trades though.

  3. A blacksmith is always at a small festival,The Andrew Jackson area in Tennessee with all the old houses etc,and I plan to buy one of his knives.They are very good.

  4. This is so interesting. I hadn’t thought about this as a resource. Well done!

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