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I am sick

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I am sick. I got Hashimoto’s autoimmune disorder.
Here is the book I showed in the video:

With this video I want to raise awareness for Hashimotos disease. I suffered a lot from it and I wished someone told me about the glutenfree/dairy free diet, because it would have spared me a lot of suffering.

With the glutenfree/dairy free diet I could lower my TIP antibodies down to 99 in only one year, before that I was always beyond 600.
I feel much better with the new diet and experts say that 30-40% of the hashimoto patients could get better with this diet.

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11 thoughts on “I am sick

  1. I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback in this comment section. Thank you so much for all the positive energy and thanks for sticking around and watching my videos in all these hard years. Much love <3 Lilly

    1. Tuomas Vavrusco i hear you, and i am sorry i know exactly what you mean i wish i didnt i am not afraid to meet Jesus, but if i am to live, it is much easier to survive without having to deal with copious amts of pain. The reason to want to stay is to witness miraculous events, and to try and connect with people to make them laugh. Maybe even laugh hard enuf to wet their pants a little bit. Misery loves company, everybody struggles, what is that funny smell? Something always smells funny somewhere always. In Lilly’s case she is young, probably her folks are alive, so children don’t like leaving their parents. Gravity sucks. If i can make someone laugh or smile, it makes my time more enjoyable.
      I hope if for nothing else you can enjoy Tuomas birds. They are my saving grace.๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š

    2. Tuomas Vavrusco That’s a heck of a thing to say? “Why should she want to live”? Ahh, her family, her spouse/husband, maybe if she wants kids? How about, none of your business… The young lady, has a medical problem, that she didn’t want or create. Instead of getting angry, and crying,( which she probably did). She’s fighting back. Believe it or not, it’s called Survival!

    3. You’re so welcome, Lilly. Sometimes we all need some encouragement. You’re a very wonderful young lady, and a great inspiration. Just take care of yourself.

  2. 16 you tubers have Iโ€™m not well or Iโ€™m sick. Deal with it like we do you over privileged bastards. Why are you so special?? Help me pls??????
    I found this phone sitting watching in McDonaldโ€™s.

  3. Glad you have found a diet that is working for you. You are strong willed and talented. Keep making videos and sharing with us.

  4. Blood test or not, I am thoroughly convinced that gluten along with steroids and hormones they treat cattle with is one of the biggest problems to human beings on the planet today. None of our bodies were made to handle these things. Some people seem to get away with it. But most people pay one way or the other whether they know they are or not. With my job and the lifestyle that goes with it it is extremely hard to get rid of gluten. John Pinette said it best… ” I don’t know what gluten is, but I’m pretty sure it’s what makes stuff taste good.”

  5. Ok kiddo sooooo get back into the woods and get away from real food , hope you get better or as best as can be …. Get back to the woods

  6. Hi Lilly. I was so sad to hear about your ongoing illness and struggle to stay healthy. I think I can speak for all us subscribers when I say, we are glad you are getting positive results from the diet change, supplements and medication you are taking. We love you so much Lilly and we hope you will be making content for a very long time. Thank you for sharing your “story” with us. It’s amazing the adversity you have overcome in order to continue on your journey. PS, i would like to swap that Swedish hoodie for an Australian one!!! lol

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