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Building An External Frame With PVC Pipes

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Building An External Frame With PVC Pipes

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11 thoughts on “Building An External Frame With PVC Pipes

  1. Thanks for watching this video. My knife is sold out btw… so I want to thank all my customers who supported me and bought an APO-1. For those who did not get one in time I expect new knives to arrive around mid of March. If you want to get a reminder per email. Just send me a business email. You will find the email address at my website All the best ~ Lilly

    1. Survival Lilly. How about making a recurve bow from PVC tube. Rather then all this product placement advertising. Thinly disguised as a survival video.

    2. To reinforce your pvc pipe you can use thin wall metal electrical conduit. Just find the right size to fit inside or outside and glue it together.

  2. Nice. I think you lost the structural integrity of the pvc pipe on the shelf when you heated and bent it. Try the 45 degree angle pipe instead.

  3. Du bist echt eine Frau die viele Männer in die Hose steckt! 💪👍👍 Respekt Lilly ich bewundere dich als echte Powerfrau die auch noch handwerklich es drauf hat! 💪👍🤗

  4. Interesting idea 💡. I would just go with purchasing a lightly used ALICE pack. ALICE packs have a space between the person and the rucksack 🎒. This is great 👍 because the user will not get a sweaty 😓 back in the summertime.

  5. Very nice copy of the frame. Your body frame is more narrow, you could take off about 4-6cm down the middle thus providing room for your elbows.

    Here in the States, we have a grey pipe called Schedule 40, it’s more rigid and might be more conducive to what you are building.

    What is the frame you are copying? Maybe use aluminum pipe?

  6. The main downside to PVC is cold weather embrittlement. This video makes me wonder if PEX might be suitable for frame building.

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