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A trap which does the fishing for you

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A trap which does the fishing for you
Personal alarm:

Automatic fishing rod.

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12 thoughts on “A trap which does the fishing for you

  1. The dog is not mine btw. It’s my aunts 🙂 Here is the link to the personal alarms you can use for this trap: Make sure you buy products where the plug and the sling are exactly opposite to each other. Thanks for watching and stay tuned till next time. Lilly

    1. in a few days the knife will be available so stay tuned because I am going to make a video when it is ready for selling

    2. +Survival Lilly Hey Lilly, Great set up, thanks, I’m kinda jones’n for one of them APO-1’s … When ya gonna be able to help me out here? (out of stock) Cheers! and Happy New Years!!! from Texas

    3. +animist channel You are an idiot!!! You won’t get dramatically furious? No, just your general dumbass furious…enough to make you look like a bleeding heart, thin skinned, weak kneed liberal cry baby. Go harass someone else, moron.

  2. Is that the famous APO1 you are using? You see, Santa didn’t bring me one for Christmas so I haven’t had a real look at it.

  3. Lilly do u know that ur knife can not cut my balls and if u don’t believe that i will let u try it. LOL

  4. Bank lines can be as simple as a line tied to a stick shoved into the mud of a river bank. No trigger or float is required. I used to set lines tied to pop bottles. No one needs to starve if they have access to a pond or a river and they can tie a knot. Hells bells, bait fish will swim into a two liter and stay there if you put some bread smushed into balls into it. It amazes me that people can’t catch fish in this day and age. If you watch “survival” shows you see folks starving for days at a time when they only spent about an hour total fishing. Holy crap, set a bank line moron. Also, if you can’t manage to catch and kill a possum you deserve to starve to death fool.

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